Immerse yourself

in a rock ’n’ roll experience like none other

with the RSM Listening Party.

This exclusive event package grants you and 20 friends unprecedented access to one of NMC’s most coveted artifacts—the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio (RSM). Gather for a night of drinks, food, and classic tunes as your own private NMC recording engineer spins records made on the RSM, and takes you on a musical journey through the legendary studio’s famous history.


Location Venue Size Capacity Duration Rental rate
Rolling Stone Mobile Studio 300 sq ft 20 max (all ages) 2 hours min $1,000
Bookings Include
  • Recording Engineer / Interpreter provided by NMC
  • Selection of albums recorded on the RSM, provided by NMC
  • Light appetizers and beverages provided by the King Eddy restaurant
  • Commemorative record with personalized label
  • Additional food and drink can be included for an added cost
  • All rates subject to change without notice



What is the RSM?

Dubbed the “Sistine Chapel of rock ’n’ roll”, this historic mobile recording studio was used by British rock legends Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and the Rolling Stones. The brainchild of the Stones’ tour manager, Ian Stewart, the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio (RSM) was built to accommodate the band’s crazy 24-hour lifestyle. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Helios recording console, the RSM soon gained popularity among other musicians, leading to the creation of countless classic rock albums.

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An intimate party with the RSM. Credit: Neil Zeller.

An intimate party with the RSM. Credit: Neil Zeller.